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Violin Teacher's Method

                              Levels taught: Beginner Violin to Advanced Violin
  Beginner Viola to Intermediate Viola

Each student is is an individual, so it is a priority to me that I remain
flexible in my approach as a teacher. There are things that might work wonders
for one student, yet are completely ineffective for another. However, there
are my tried and tested techniques that I have found bring the most out of nearly
all students in the shortest period of time.

For the youngest (3 to 10)
I put a lot of emphasis on ear training (learning pieces by listening and mimicking) in the early ages. However, I believe it is necessary to keep things balanced for the student (in order to avoid the need to relearn how a student conceptualizes music making). Therefore, note recognition and note naming while playing is incorporated at each lesson.

In addition, proper technique is never sacrificed. I expect each student to master the
basics, since improper technique increases risk of injury and makes music
making much harder. I usually begin my students with repertoire from
the Suzuki Method books and, as they progress, move into
standard repertoire of the violin/viola.

For the young and...not so young! (11 and up)

Beginners learn from Suzuki Books and String Builder (a method that gradually introduces note reading and rhythm). All music is supplemented with standard etudes and exercises to improve dexterity. I encourage my students to listen to music often (recordings as well as live performances), and perform* every
opportunity that they get.

Intermediate to Advanced players learn music from standard repertoire of the violin.
Technical exercises are taken from standard etude repertoire such as Kreutzer, Sevcik,
Flesch, Paganini..etc.. All of my students (all ages and levels) must master
the basic position and technique. Performance* is key in every students
musical education. They are required to perform in studio recitals and encouraged
to actively pursue other performance opportunities.

*Students perform in studio recitals, provided by the teacher, at least twice a year. The students are advised to find additional performance opportunities within their community and family.

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