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   by Julia Hansen                          For Beginner Violin and Viola  to Advanced Violin and Viola

First and foremost, practice should be done consistently.
Practicing everyday insures that the music student builds
both muscles memory and strength.

This way, the student will also, inevitably, progress
 quickly through all their assigned exercises and
music. This is important, since it prevents
us from growing tired of our pieces
and exercises.

Advice On How to Practice (Part 1)

One of the most important practice techniques
is under tempo practice (that is playing a piece
at a much slower speed than it is performed).
Under tempo practice allows us to stay one step ahead
mentally and helps us avoid making mistakes.
This is highly effective, since learning to play
your piece correctly is less time consuming
and easier than unlearning a passage that
is being played incorrectly and relearning it
properly. To put it in basic terms: Building
good habits from the start is easier than
breaking bad habits!

So remember, always practice as slowly as you need to, in order to
avoid all mistakes. Once you have mastered the passage at a
slow speed, you will gradually speed up, still making certain that
you remain at a tempo that is comfortable for you.

If you follow these guidelines, soon you will be able to play
your piece at performance tempo with complete control
and confidence!

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